Children's Ministry: Karen McRory
cell: 090-9478-8222

Family:  I have been married to Chuck McRory for 19 years.  We have two daughters, Kyra who is 14, and Emily who is 11.  Our family includes 2 dogs, Sasha and Blessing, and a cat named Baby.

How did you first start coming to HCO?  Before Chuck and I left North Carolina to come to Okinawa we had asked some friends in our church if they’d heard of a good church in Okinawa.  We found out that a couple who had left a few months before us were attending HCO.  So within two weeks of landing in June of 2009 we began attending.

What is one thing that you love about HCO?  The church is close knit.  We all know one another and everyone is willing to step up to lend a hand.

What do you love most about working for HCO?  I love working with the children.  They make me laugh, they make me cry and most of all they make me think when they ask questions.

Who is the most influential person in your life?  This entirely depends.  Day to day my family is the most influential.  However, I often look back to how my mom did things to decide how I should do things.

Who inspires you?  I have many people who I take inspiration from; however, I am frequently inspired by anyone who can get through a tough situation, while relying on God, without losing their Fruits of the Spirit.

What inspires you?  God inspires me through everyday life.  For example, our mini-church did a bowling night and the tournament people there became very upset that I didn’t know proper bowling etiquette and they said some not so nice things.  It hurt my feelings and I was embarrassed.  Later God reveled to me that sometimes that is how visitors feel when they come to a new church.  I was inspired to be more open and welcoming when visitors come to church.

Any Hidden Talents?  
I am an avid reader and can read a 200 page book in two hours.

Life Long Goal:  That each and every day my family and I become more and more rooted in the word of God. I am also currently enrolled at the University of Maryland-Asia, working on my Elementary School teaching degree.

Little Known Fact About Me:  I am the last of eight children…my nickname as a child was "The Brat".


Books:  (Other than the Bible) Boundaries with Kids and Boundaries with Teens.  Both of books are Christian based books to help me help my children become loving responsible adults.

Movies:  I’m not so attached to movies.  I do really enjoy the T.V. shows The Closer, NCIS and Bones. 

Restaurant:  In-N-Out Burger (Please someone send me a double-double!!!)

Food:  Since I’m from Southern California Mexican food is my favorite.

Ice Cream:  Rocky Road and Butter Pecan

Drink @ Starbucks:  I don’t know, my husband always orders for me.
Song:  The Rose by Bette Midler

Childhood Memory:  My mom taking to visit my grandmother in the nursing home every Saturday.  I would walk around and talk with all the people and ask them about their life and favorite things they did.  I think I learned a lot about what was important in life from those conversations.